Carvey is up and Running!

Hello everyone,  Today I wanted to share my first project with UNH’s new CNC milling machine. It’s a new machine made by Inventables that got going on Kickstarter.  It’s called “Carvey”!  The machine is a three axis CNC so it has some limitations for mathematical design although I think it has a ton of potential.

Of course for a test print I decided to make Sierpinski’s triangle out of a piece of plywood.  Below you can see Carvey removing the triangles one by one as well as the final product before it was taken out of the machine.


Once Carvey finished doing its thing I had to sand some of the edges but that was about it.

IMG_8450You can see how rough the initial cut was.  I think this mostly had to do with the fact that the triangle was cut from cheap plywood rather than a nice piece of hardwood.


All cleaned up I think it looks rather nice in my window.

Level 3 Sierpinski Triangle


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